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Show Rules Aqua Flare 2024 Friedrichshafen by Betta Helvetia

Show rules:

1) The show is open for selectively bred Betta splendens show fish.

2) There are specific classes offered for Wildtype species.

3) The breeder must abide by all the rules described within these regulations. He/she must only enter self-bred fish, born and raised at the breeder's home. The only exemption to this rule are the Pet / Collector’s Betta classes (see 10) )

4) Any use of products which can color the water is strictly prohibited for any Bettas which must be judged. Any fish that swims in tinted/colored water will be automatically disqualified.

This is so the judges can clearly see the color of the fish, as well as preventing the judges from easily guessing who are the breeders of the fish.

5) The minimum size for show fish is 1.5 inches (3.8cm) for males and 1.25 inches (3.2cm) for females body length only. This is measured from snout to peduncle (excluding fins). Fish that are smaller will be disqualified. If Junior classes are offered, small fish will be moved from both regular and New Breeder classes to these Junior classes.

6) The maximum number of fish each breeder can enter in the AQUA FLARE by Betta Helvetia 2024 is:
Regular Breeders: 15
New Breeders: 10

Wildtype species: 10 pairs

Should all spots be filled within the same day and many are placed on a waitlist, we will consider lowering the maximum entries per participant to: Regular Breeders: 12
New Breeders: 8

Wildtype species: 6 pairs

If the show isn’t fully booked by mid-February, we will increase the maximum number of entries per participant to:
Regular Breeders: 20
New Breeders: 15

7) Participants must send their entry forms in due time by the latest February 25th, 2024, and
announce the approximate total number of fish they plan on showing, otherwise, their entries

cannot be accepted.

8) The fish will all be judged according to IBC standards by certified judges. No appeal can be made pertaining to judgment.
However, judges will gladly answer any questions regarding how fish are judged in general and explain the standard.

9) New breeder classes will be offered at this show.
The breeder can enter Betta fish in New breeder classes if he/she has not been showing Bettas for at least two years, up to the day of the show. A breeder may show in New Breeder classes for up to 2 consecutive show years (=calendar years).If the breeder does not enter Betta fish in New breeder classes, he/she will not be allowed to enter New breeder classes at future shows.

10) Optional Classes:

10a) Betta Collector’s classes are not part of the general classes. The origin of a fish is disregarded in the Collectors's Betta classes. Therefore they may be self-bred, purchased, or received. (not available 2024)

10b) Junior Betta classes are not part of the general classes. Only self-bred fish are allowed in these classes. Fish that are too small for regular and New Breeder classes may be entered here. Any fish that is disqualified from regular or new breeder classes due to size will be moved to the appropriate Junior class.(not available 2024)

11) Photographing the fish: the participants and visitors are free to take photos or videos of the fish in the show, but NOT before or during judgment. Betta Helvetia reserves the right to ask for copies of the pictures for use by the club.

12) Benching in:

12 a) The fish have to be benched in on Thursday, 07th of March 2024 between 10.30 and 18.00. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept any later arrivals. The fish have to be registered and placed in the correct classes

within the stands by 18.00 hrs. Therefore all participants must

arrive no later than 17.00 and register immediately, as well as receive their assigned tanks. The organizers of the expo close the venue at specified times at which everyone needs to leave. Therefore we are unable to make any exemptions to this rule, as it is not in our control. Under no circumstances can fish be benched in on Friday morning.

12 b) Entry fees are as follows:
For IBC members: 5.00€ per fish
For non-IBC members: 7.50€ per fish

12 c) Due to the very strict rulings by the veterinarian in charge, the following needs to be acknowledged:

  • Every tank will be fitted with a piece of pond foil that fits and lies at the bottom of the tank (will be provided by the club)

  • Every tank needs to be fitted with a piece of live water plant AFTER judging. The club will do so immediately after judging with plants

    purchased directly form an aquatic plant grower at the club's expense

12 d) NEW RULES for any breeder coming from OUTSIDE THE EU: Due to the customs officers now checking every sales stand at the expo, every fish that comes from outside the EU must have the proper customs documentation. This will usually be in the form of a Carnet- ATA document that was issued by the German customs and has to be presented to us during registration and remain with us until you pick up your fish on Sunday. This is especially important for participants coming from Switzerland.

13) Fish that haven’t been sold may be taken out of the show no sooner than 17.00 Sunday evening, but must be taken out by latest 19.00. Exemptions can be made upon request for participants that have traveled from far away. They may bench out their fish earlier, however not before


Sunday. A payout of auction profits is not possible for participants who choose to leave early. They will receive their profits in the following week via PayPal and carry the costs of this transaction.

All show tanks as well as pond foils need to be dried and sorted by number by EACH PARTICIPANT and then returned to Betta Helvetia. They also need to remove all show stickers (except the tank numbers).

14) Mail-in entries from the EU can be accepted and sent directly to the show venue, where they will be delivered to our stand. After the show, we can return the fish by mail.

15) Should fish be sent to us by package mail, the box needs to contain all of the following:

- Fish in clearly labeled bags/containers (including the number according to the filled out form)

- Entry fees (unless previously transferred by PayPal or bank transfer)
- Copy of registration confirmation
- Filled in list specifically for mail-in entries (will previously be sent to you by Betta Helvetia)
- Filled in auction-tags (two per fish to be sold)
- Fish bags for return shipment, also clearly labeled (unless fish are sent in containers)

- Heatpacks (activated ones for shipment from you to us, as well as new ones for return shipment)
- Postage for return shipment
- Address to which fish should be returned

Please note that fish cannot be entered into the show if the entry fees have not been received previously.
The package has to arrive on Thursday, March 7th 2024. The exact address will be given upon request.

The extra costs for this service are as follows:
1.- € per fish handling cost for receiving and benching in
1.- € per fish handling cost for return shipment (excluding postage)

16) Certificates, medals, and trophies can be shipped by mail to participants who cannot attend in person. The cost for postage is to be paid in full by the recipient. Any other winnings such as e.g. Nano Tanks for BOS winners will not be shipped and will go to the club, should the participant fail to find an alternative mode of transportation.

17) Betta Helvetia or the IBC cannot be held responsible in case of loss, theft, illness or death of any Betta.

18) The breeder/participant accepts this set of rules at the moment he/she registers fish in the show.

Auction rules:

  • The live auctions will be held on Saturday and Sunday. The exact times will be announced on Friday, March 8th, 2024.

  • Every fish that is determined for auction has to be labeled with an official auction label (2 copies per fish). Each participant is responsible for filling out the labels and the correctness thereof.

  • Split: 25% of sales price for Betta Helvetia, 75% for the breeder.

  • Fish may be picked up with auction labels marked as “paid”.

  • All payments go through the official Betta Helvetia cashier.

  • When a fish is sold, the breeder may re-use the same tank for another

    one of their own fish, after the club has added a new number to the tank. If the breeder does not wish to re-use the tank for themselves, then Betta Helvetia will decide about who will get to use this tank.

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