Registration Show

Registration deadline is October 25th, 2019


Registration for the Zürich Betta Show 2019.


In the New Breeder, Regular, Junior, and Wild Betta categories, only SELF BRED fish are permitted. They have to be born and raised in your own home/place.

The Pet / Collectors Betta classes are for purchased fish only.


Entry fee per show betta / wild betta pair / piece of betta art:

CHF3.50 for IBC Members

CHF5.00 for non-IBC Members (CHF4.00 for Betta Helvetia Members)


Wild betta have to be entered as a pair, have to be self-bred, and need to be clearly marked with their scientific name on the show tank.


Artwork such as photos, drawings, keychains, etc. have to be self-made and NOT signed or in any way identify the artist’s name. Alternatively, the signature/artist’s name may be covered up using e.g. a post-it note, in order for the judges to not know who the exhibitor is.


All participants need to arrive at the venue and register by 18:00 on Thursday, October 31st 2019. All fish need to be fully benched in by 19:00 and may be benched out the earliest on Sunday, November 3rd, after 15:00.


In case you choose to send your fish to us by mail, please let us know by email once we confirm your registration.


Betta Helvetia cannot be held liable for anything that happens to your fish, such as sicknesses or other issues due to transport and showing.



By sending in this registration application, you agree to the Betta Helvetia Regulations.